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Success Tips from a Tow Truck Winnipeg Company

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Sometimes we can draw inspiration from strange sources. Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing a tow truck driver who works for a towing company in Winnipeg and the success tips that he had to share were so great and meaningful that I just couldn’t go another day without sharing them to my lovely readers on this blog.

I was given 6 great tips for any company looking to start out in their local area, but before I list these six tips I just want to spend some time to talk about the amazing story this tow truck driver shared with me. There’s been many occasions where I come across a success story that is very impactful on my mind, but never have I quite come across a story like this. The tow truck driver I met had battled with divorce and cancer while he was just starting out and there was times when he even contemplated suicide. All it took was a year of putting his chin down and servicing his customers everyday and now he owns one of the major towing businesses in Winnipeg.

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Six secrets to finding success as a new company in your local area:

  • Don’t let your culture’s customs define who and what you are! “When I first started out as a tow truck driver, all my old friends and family started making fun of me saying that I could do better. They said this because they believe a tow truck driver has no chance of being a success so to speak. They must think all tow truck drivers are rednecks or something but I quickly proved them wrong by starting a business that defined new limits. I know I’m just a tow truck driver in Winnipeg, but that doesn’t mean I attach all the other cultural meanings of a tow truck driver onto my identity. I see myself as a serious businessman and that’s more important.”
  • Keep your head up and your feet down! “When you make a decision, stick to it no matter what. When adversity strikes at your heart, do not falter. Face your fears with courage and your fears will turn around to take a hike. There’s no limit to what you can do because the only limits are the ones you make yourself. Stay strong and you’ll do better. Stay better and you’ll be the best!”
  • Know when it’s time to take a break. “Being an entrepreneur is more than just about working your face off. It’s about making wise decisions and sometimes taking a break can be the best decision you could ever make. When you’re stressed and things aren’t going your way, it’s much better to take a seat in a relaxing chair and let your subconscious think of solutions than it is to put yourself in the driver’s seat when you’re angry and watch yourself botch whatever it is you’re working toward. Trust me, being stressed is not a good time to make important decisions. Take a break and you’ll actually do better in the long run.”
  • Show love to your competition! “Some people do the opposite of this and they suffer from it down the road. As a tow truck driver I know all too well what can happen down the road. When you show love to the people competing with you, it’s like having good sportsmanship in a hockey game. If you’re a hockey player who’s always rude and doesn’t play well without cheating, you won’t get invited to the next game. It’s that simple. If you want to stay in the game and keep winning for many years to come, earn the respect of your competition. Don’t piss them off and you may find that they’ll even become your allies and there’ll be more money to be made as a result.”
  • Always have a spare tire! “That’s my tow truck driver way of saying always have a plan B. Sometimes after one year of being in business you realize you have to change the way you do things. if you refuse to change, adapt and put in a plan B, then you better hope that your first plan works or else, guess what, you won’t be in business for much longer. There’s no shame in rethinking things over and starting afresh. Listen to your environment and you’ll find a way.”
  • Turn on the auto pilot mode as much as possible! “Every big major success will know what you mean by ‘a groove’ or a ‘the zone’. There’s a kind of auto pilot that you can turn on once you get into a good state of things. There’s times when precise thinking is needed, but if you can stay in that zone or whatever you want to call it, you can get into that place where everything is coming together almost by itself and it’s so magical you become afraid to stop. That’s a very good thing, a very good place to be. STAY THERE!”

Thank you sir for sharing those amazing six tips with us! They sure mean a lot to me and I hope my blog readers learned something. Winnipeg Towing is a remarkable phenomenon that all entrepreneurs should study. These six rules above can work for any business, not just a towing company and I’ll definitely be making a note to apply these in my life.

Thank you for coming back and reading. It’s that special time of year so before you go I just want to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I hope 2019 is more successful for you than all your previous years combined.

Much love, Sarah