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How to Lead a Team the Right Way (Not Dispirit Them)

how to lead a team the right way

Context may call for different strategies of getting a team to do what you want them to do. In war you could remind them of the beauty of the nation they’re fighting to protect. In construction you can promise beer and pizza after a long day. In sports you can remind the team of the big winner’s trophy. Here, however, we’ll be talking more specifically about a team working toward business success.

Bad leaders are quick to anger, and the way they lash out at people for making mistakes only makes things worse by dispiriting them. A good leader knows everyone makes mistakes, and they’ll calmly talk about better ways to do things, which reassures the mistake-maker and keeps their spirits high. Anger should never be used to lead a team.┬áKeeping composure and staying calm during difficulty will reflect in the attitude of the people you’re leading. They’ll look to you as an example, so if you get cross over small matters, they might start to do so, too.

If you have a team and you’re working toward a goal, make sure you’ve clearly defined what that goal is to them. You might want to get them to relay exactly what that goal is in their own words just to make sure they really understand what you’re striving for. For example, your goal could be to make a million dollars by the end of the year so that you can open a new location next year. So your goal is actually opening a new location, but some members of your team might simply say, “The boss just wants to make a bunch of money.” You want to make sure they can see the new location in their minds. Don’t keep your true goal a secret from them unless you want to have a more difficult time of getting their. If you can’t trust your team to know your intentions, then perhaps you have the wrong team. Either that or they have the wrong leader.

A bad mistake to make when trying to inspire a team is to think that everyone gets inspired the same way. It’s important to get to know each member personally so you can know how they get inspired. Some people look forward to a long career as they’re trying to impress their family. Others simply look forward to a raise every year. Find out what your members want, and give it to them in pieces to keep them inspired. To deny what one member wants by giving to everyone what another member wants will only inspire one member, not all of them.

There is more advice for good leadership out there on the internet; this was just a broad start. If you want to learn more, think of picking up a book on leadership. Read Caesar’s campaign against the Gauls and learn from the champions. If you’ve had enough reading for now, here’s a helpful video. Thanks for reading! Come back soon!