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Speaking of Luck… A Lucky Computer Nerd in Victoria BC Has Submitted a Great Point!

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Not too long ago I made a post talking about the belief in luck and what luck actually means. One of the reasons why I love blogging is because sometimes friends who read my blog posts or indeed strangers can message me and give me feedback and criticism. This time I got some constructive critique from a computer repair expert in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. This kind gentlemen reached out to me fairly quickly after I released my post and told me some fascinating things that I think all my blog readers should hear. So let’s begin!

My new friend Charlie highly believes in luck in all it’s Western definitions and he has testimonies to prove its existence. I really wish I had the kind of believe that Charlie has, and after hearing his story I think I might be getting there. Charlie spends his days fixing, assembling and repairing laptops, PCs and Macs in Victoria BC and helps to run a small local computer repair company. He’s openly admitted that he’s a nerd when it comes to computers, especially big gaming rigs and he’s still messaging me about his favorite Super Mario games as I type this. Charlie has always been a computer nerd, but he hasn’t always been a believer in luck. His belief in luck started only a year and a half ago when his computer repair Victoria business really started to gain some traction and take off in Victoria BC.

Charlie’s business wasn’t always the success story it is today. At one point many years ago Charlie remembers having to scrape up pennies to buy a cheap hot dog between jobs. But Charlie began to pray to the heavens for help and he started to realize that the more he prayed the more lucky he became. For example, Charlie had this one job that he knew would be a difficult challenge but he was so desperate for work that he took it with only making a small profit. Charlie was given the task of repairing a laptop hard drive but the laptop was Japanese and he couldn’t read the internal software. He just stuck with his gut as he went to work and after a few hiccups he decided to pray. He prayed for the knowledge to make this computer repair job go by smoothly without anymore difficulty. And right after he was done praying, his friend from Japan called him and asked him if he wanted to play some Nintendo. Of course, our nerd friend said “yes” to the video games but also asked if they could quickly work on repairing this broken laptop together. Charlie’s friend agreed and because one of them could speak Japanese the hard drive was restored in no time at all.

That is just one of the few examples Charlie shared with me. Another one I like even more is the story of how he managed to assemble a computer with mis-ordered pieces. He was building a gaming computer for his client in Langford BC, a city just north of Victoria BC, and so he ordered the parts he would need online. He ordered the parts knowing this project was on a deadline and so by the time the parts got to his computer repair shop in Victoria he only had a day to assemble them together in his computer case. Things got tragicomic and melodramatic right off the bat as Charlie realized he had been sent the wrong parts. In a frantic worry, Charlie got onto his knees and prayed. He prayed for good luck and then drank some water and went to work. Despite the parts being wrong, they all fit well into his rig and by the time he was done he realized that the new combination of parts actually gave a  more powerful computer than what his original parts would have supplied. This new beauty of a gaming computer was something he could have never made without this vital luck. He even actually saved a lot of money because the results he got meant this new computer was worth more than he had anticipated. But this is where another great point of Charlie’s comes into play…

Charlie could have charged his client more money, but he didn’t do that because he thought it would be bad karma. He believed in luck so much after this that he started to think he could control it, and so for him to profit off his luck intentionally would certainly spoil it. Or at least that’s what he believes. Either way, I think what Charlie did is morally ethic and perhaps karma will reward him for it.

This blog isn’t usually wont to ramble about the spiritual aspect of things because, after all, this is a blog about management skills. But still, this story is worth sharing here because it goes to show just what good self management can accomplish. If a computer repair nerd down and out with a struggling business can manage his decisions and come out on top, so can we. In order to succeed, Charlie relied on his belief in luck and I think this skill can be replicated by any one of us who decides to take this approach to managing business.

This blog has many more tips and tricks for managing employees and making good decisions in the business world, but for now I hope you enjoyed this story. Always remember that luck is on your side!