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Managing Activities vs. Managing Time

how to make the most of your time

Many make the error of believing time is something that can be managed. Well, time is untouchable. Time cannot be caged or stopped. It’s impossible to manage time. So if you want to make the most of your time, you need to understand this. You need to start managing your activities instead.

It’s sad but true that we’re not sure just how much time we have on this planet. That’s why the great successful geniuses of history were determined to make the most of their time. I often could be more diligent in this regard but I’m heavily in the learning process and expect results in the future. I want to get to the point where every day is a long day of positive work because the work I do is a gift to the world. So I look at how much time I have in the day and make sure that each hour sees a little progress done toward my end goal so long as I’m awake. This can only be done by being active or in other words performing activities.

How many activities can you get done today? That answer will change as each day passes, because all activities are different. But when you ask how many hours you have in a day the answer stays the same, unless, of course, you move to Mars or something.

So really think about managing time versus managing activities and ask yourself which one is more helpful.

Thanks for tuning in to today’s managing tip and I hope if helps you on your journey!