Managing Improvements for the 2019 New Year!

managing advice

It’s an innate drive within us to seek expansion, growth and development. Spiritual gurus who frown at Western ways even seek advancements in their own pursuits. They seek to grow their inner power, just like us business managers seek to grow our money-earning power. Whatever your field of interest is, you need to grow our you fall behind and get depressed. This constantly seeking expansion is nothing to be ashamed of, unless, of course, you harm others in the process.

Well, this blog is all about helping others in the process by becoming a better leader and manager of people and time. For the New Year we hope you’re still seeking to grow, because we’re going to share some ideas that will make your team love you as a leader and perforce help your business grow. A cool thing to understand in this regard is that a professor in university can still be the students’ ultimate favorite while still being strict when it comes to grading. This is no different when leading a team in the business world. You can be strict yet still be the favorite boss your employers have ever had. Furthermore, the best military leaders of the world could not have earned their honor and respect without being strict.

But how do you be more strict while still have your employers praise you?

First, we should understand why you want to be strict. To sum it up in a nutshell, you should watch the movie Whiplash. It’s about a strict teacher who strives to make his students achieve greatness and it shows a great lesson in why leaders shouldn’t always be the nice guy. And just like the captain of a pirate ship, if you’re crew believes what you are telling them to do is in their best interest even though they don’t understand why, they will follow you anyways. In order to make big positive changes in your business, just saying what you want in a polite way won’t always cut it. Sometimes you can use the prospect of a future raise to motivate people into getting them to do what you want them to do, but you still need to be strict with them in order to make the change really fall through. Some leaders are blessed with an understanding team of smart people who don’t need these extra pushes, but most of us are not that lucky.

So how can you implement this knowledge in your leadership?

First you must know what you want to change in your business or team of any kind. If you run a sports team, I guarantee that if you think long enough you can come up with areas in which your team can improve. Sometimes this is just in connection between players and the way to fix it is to go out for pizza more often. Other times the issue is more serious like people coming into work late and leaving early. Being the nice guy will make change very difficult, so don’t be afraid of being strict so long as you keep in mind that you must do everything in your power to make sure you’re not that boss that everyone hates. Once people start talking behind your back, showing kindness to them will make them mock you even more. Therefore, you must make them respect you by outworking them and making themselves see what’s wrong with their behavior by forcing them to compare their own effectiveness with yours. If you have an employee or crew member that is working harder than you, it won’t be long before they’re working for someone else.

So over 2019 please keep note of everything mentioned here. Use your innate desire to grow to your advantage by disciplining your team to achieve greatness, and then greatness will come to you!

You got this!