About Me

management tree

I’m best known for my research into the “management tree.” I’ve published several papers on this topic under pen names. I’m currently working on a book titled “Management Tree: How to Manage a Complex Organization” but don’t expect it to be ready for publication any time soon. Managing skills are my passion. I feel like this is my calling. I have a degree in business, as well as minors in accounting and psychology. For the long term I hope this blog will be source for knowledge for those seeking to hone their management skills.

Here I will share tools, tips and advice for you to more efficiently manage your business or organization. I have various work experience related to this field. lately, however, my husband has been kind enough to support me in letting me pursue my passion outside of my workplace, hence me having the time to work on this blog (something that would’ve been impossible ten years ago).

If you’re reading this I hope we can work together to make this world more organized and orderly, though chaos can also be a good means of adaption and growth for the ultimate goal of order. Society needs managers like us and I thank you for taking an interest in what I do.