Managing Activities vs. Managing Time

how to make the most of your time

Many make the error of believing time is something that can be managed. Well, time is untouchable. Time cannot be caged or stopped. It’s impossible to manage time. So if you want to make the most of your time, you need to understand this. You need to start managing your activities instead.

It’s sad but true that we’re not sure just how much time we have on this planet. That’s why the great successful geniuses of history were determined to make the most of their time. I often could be more diligent in this regard but I’m heavily in the learning process and expect results in the future. I want to get to the point where every day is a long day of positive work because the work I do is a gift to the world. So I look at how much time I have in the day and make sure that each hour sees a little progress done toward my end goal so long as I’m awake. This can only be done by being active or in other words performing activities.

How many activities can you get done today? That answer will change as each day passes, because all activities are different. But when you ask how many hours you have in a day the answer stays the same, unless, of course, you move to Mars or something.

So really think about managing time versus managing activities and ask yourself which one is more helpful.

Thanks for tuning in to today’s managing tip and I hope if helps you on your journey!

Speaking of Luck… A Lucky Computer Nerd in Victoria BC Has Submitted a Great Point!

lucky nerd

Not too long ago I made a post talking about the belief in luck and what luck actually means. One of the reasons why I love blogging is because sometimes friends who read my blog posts or indeed strangers can message me and give me feedback and criticism. This time I got some constructive critique from a computer repair expert in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. This kind gentlemen reached out to me fairly quickly after I released my post and told me some fascinating things that I think all my blog readers should hear. So let’s begin!

My new friend Charlie highly believes in luck in all it’s Western definitions and he has testimonies to prove its existence. I really wish I had the kind of believe that Charlie has, and after hearing his story I think I might be getting there. Charlie spends his days fixing, assembling and repairing laptops, PCs and Macs in Victoria BC and helps to run a small local computer repair company. He’s openly admitted that he’s a nerd when it comes to computers, especially big gaming rigs and he’s still messaging me about his favorite Super Mario games as I type this. Charlie has always been a computer nerd, but he hasn’t always been a believer in luck. His belief in luck started only a year and a half ago when his computer repair Victoria business really started to gain some traction and take off in Victoria BC.

Charlie’s business wasn’t always the success story it is today. At one point many years ago Charlie remembers having to scrape up pennies to buy a cheap hot dog between jobs. But Charlie began to pray to the heavens for help and he started to realize that the more he prayed the more lucky he became. For example, Charlie had this one job that he knew would be a difficult challenge but he was so desperate for work that he took it with only making a small profit. Charlie was given the task of repairing a laptop hard drive but the laptop was Japanese and he couldn’t read the internal software. He just stuck with his gut as he went to work and after a few hiccups he decided to pray. He prayed for the knowledge to make this computer repair job go by smoothly without anymore difficulty. And right after he was done praying, his friend from Japan called him and asked him if he wanted to play some Nintendo. Of course, our nerd friend said “yes” to the video games but also asked if they could quickly work on repairing this broken laptop together. Charlie’s friend agreed and because one of them could speak Japanese the hard drive was restored in no time at all.

That is just one of the few examples Charlie shared with me. Another one I like even more is the story of how he managed to assemble a computer with mis-ordered pieces. He was building a gaming computer for his client in Langford BC, a city just north of Victoria BC, and so he ordered the parts he would need online. He ordered the parts knowing this project was on a deadline and so by the time the parts got to his computer repair shop in Victoria he only had a day to assemble them together in his computer case. Things got tragicomic and melodramatic right off the bat as Charlie realized he had been sent the wrong parts. In a frantic worry, Charlie got onto his knees and prayed. He prayed for good luck and then drank some water and went to work. Despite the parts being wrong, they all fit well into his rig and by the time he was done he realized that the new combination of parts actually gave a  more powerful computer than what his original parts would have supplied. This new beauty of a gaming computer was something he could have never made without this vital luck. He even actually saved a lot of money because the results he got meant this new computer was worth more than he had anticipated. But this is where another great point of Charlie’s comes into play…

Charlie could have charged his client more money, but he didn’t do that because he thought it would be bad karma. He believed in luck so much after this that he started to think he could control it, and so for him to profit off his luck intentionally would certainly spoil it. Or at least that’s what he believes. Either way, I think what Charlie did is morally ethic and perhaps karma will reward him for it.

This blog isn’t usually wont to ramble about the spiritual aspect of things because, after all, this is a blog about management skills. But still, this story is worth sharing here because it goes to show just what good self management can accomplish. If a computer repair nerd down and out with a struggling business can manage his decisions and come out on top, so can we. In order to succeed, Charlie relied on his belief in luck and I think this skill can be replicated by any one of us who decides to take this approach to managing business.

This blog has many more tips and tricks for managing employees and making good decisions in the business world, but for now I hope you enjoyed this story. Always remember that luck is on your side!

Do You Believe in Luck?

is luck real?

Have you thought about this much before? Whether you believe in luck or not has the potential to drastically change your life. Before I answer this question myself, I want to pinpoint 2 different definitions for “luck” in Western culture today.

  • Luck is something we have no power over. It’s just a synonym for “coincidence” and means that you were in the right place at the right time, or said the right thing and so on.
  • Luck is something we CAN control. It’s somewhat of a synonym for being in God’s favor and means we have earned it through what some might call “karma.”

Now that we got those two definitions for luck out of the way, is there one that you believe exists more than the other? I don’t think we can deny that coincidence is a real thing. Sometimes things just work out our way because we, well, were lucky. But what about being in God’s favor? A lot of me wants to believe that that side of luck is true, too, but there’s no way I can know for sure. If there’s a way to control our luck, I think it would be a highly kept secret. Maybe some of the stuff Bob Proctor teaches has to do with this. That’s just speculation.

Now without speculating further, let me tell you what I believe. I highly believe in our first definition of luck, but I also believe it’s possible for us to control where we are at what times and so therefore I’m kind of combining the two definitions together when I say coincidences aren’t random. If we go back in time and see why we were in the right place at the right time, we will find that a series of decisions we made that led us up to that point. But is that luck? I’ll leave you to decide…

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Managing Improvements for the 2019 New Year!

managing advice

It’s an innate drive within us to seek expansion, growth and development. Spiritual gurus who frown at Western ways even seek advancements in their own pursuits. They seek to grow their inner power, just like us business managers seek to grow our money-earning power. Whatever your field of interest is, you need to grow our you fall behind and get depressed. This constantly seeking expansion is nothing to be ashamed of, unless, of course, you harm others in the process.

Well, this blog is all about helping others in the process by becoming a better leader and manager of people and time. For the New Year we hope you’re still seeking to grow, because we’re going to share some ideas that will make your team love you as a leader and perforce help your business grow. A cool thing to understand in this regard is that a professor in university can still be the students’ ultimate favorite while still being strict when it comes to grading. This is no different when leading a team in the business world. You can be strict yet still be the favorite boss your employers have ever had. Furthermore, the best military leaders of the world could not have earned their honor and respect without being strict.

But how do you be more strict while still have your employers praise you?

First, we should understand why you want to be strict. To sum it up in a nutshell, you should watch the movie Whiplash. It’s about a strict teacher who strives to make his students achieve greatness and it shows a great lesson in why leaders shouldn’t always be the nice guy. And just like the captain of a pirate ship, if you’re crew believes what you are telling them to do is in their best interest even though they don’t understand why, they will follow you anyways. In order to make big positive changes in your business, just saying what you want in a polite way won’t always cut it. Sometimes you can use the prospect of a future raise to motivate people into getting them to do what you want them to do, but you still need to be strict with them in order to make the change really fall through. Some leaders are blessed with an understanding team of smart people who don’t need these extra pushes, but most of us are not that lucky.

So how can you implement this knowledge in your leadership?

First you must know what you want to change in your business or team of any kind. If you run a sports team, I guarantee that if you think long enough you can come up with areas in which your team can improve. Sometimes this is just in connection between players and the way to fix it is to go out for pizza more often. Other times the issue is more serious like people coming into work late and leaving early. Being the nice guy will make change very difficult, so don’t be afraid of being strict so long as you keep in mind that you must do everything in your power to make sure you’re not that boss that everyone hates. Once people start talking behind your back, showing kindness to them will make them mock you even more. Therefore, you must make them respect you by outworking them and making themselves see what’s wrong with their behavior by forcing them to compare their own effectiveness with yours. If you have an employee or crew member that is working harder than you, it won’t be long before they’re working for someone else.

So over 2019 please keep note of everything mentioned here. Use your innate desire to grow to your advantage by disciplining your team to achieve greatness, and then greatness will come to you!

You got this!

Success Tips from a Tow Truck Winnipeg Company

towing company

Sometimes we can draw inspiration from strange sources. Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing a tow truck driver who works for a towing company in Winnipeg and the success tips that he had to share were so great and meaningful that I just couldn’t go another day without sharing them to my lovely readers on this blog.

I was given 6 great tips for any company looking to start out in their local area, but before I list these six tips I just want to spend some time to talk about the amazing story this tow truck driver shared with me. There’s been many occasions where I come across a success story that is very impactful on my mind, but never have I quite come across a story like this. The tow truck driver I met had battled with divorce and cancer while he was just starting out and there was times when he even contemplated suicide. All it took was a year of putting his chin down and servicing his customers everyday and now he owns one of the major towing businesses in Winnipeg.

Winnipeg towing

Six secrets to finding success as a new company in your local area:

  • Don’t let your culture’s customs define who and what you are! “When I first started out as a tow truck driver, all my old friends and family started making fun of me saying that I could do better. They said this because they believe a tow truck driver has no chance of being a success so to speak. They must think all tow truck drivers are rednecks or something but I quickly proved them wrong by starting a business that defined new limits. I know I’m just a tow truck driver in Winnipeg, but that doesn’t mean I attach all the other cultural meanings of a tow truck driver onto my identity. I see myself as a serious businessman and that’s more important.”
  • Keep your head up and your feet down! “When you make a decision, stick to it no matter what. When adversity strikes at your heart, do not falter. Face your fears with courage and your fears will turn around to take a hike. There’s no limit to what you can do because the only limits are the ones you make yourself. Stay strong and you’ll do better. Stay better and you’ll be the best!”
  • Know when it’s time to take a break. “Being an entrepreneur is more than just about working your face off. It’s about making wise decisions and sometimes taking a break can be the best decision you could ever make. When you’re stressed and things aren’t going your way, it’s much better to take a seat in a relaxing chair and let your subconscious think of solutions than it is to put yourself in the driver’s seat when you’re angry and watch yourself botch whatever it is you’re working toward. Trust me, being stressed is not a good time to make important decisions. Take a break and you’ll actually do better in the long run.”
  • Show love to your competition! “Some people do the opposite of this and they suffer from it down the road. As a tow truck driver I know all too well what can happen down the road. When you show love to the people competing with you, it’s like having good sportsmanship in a hockey game. If you’re a hockey player who’s always rude and doesn’t play well without cheating, you won’t get invited to the next game. It’s that simple. If you want to stay in the game and keep winning for many years to come, earn the respect of your competition. Don’t piss them off and you may find that they’ll even become your allies and there’ll be more money to be made as a result.”
  • Always have a spare tire! “That’s my tow truck driver way of saying always have a plan B. Sometimes after one year of being in business you realize you have to change the way you do things. if you refuse to change, adapt and put in a plan B, then you better hope that your first plan works or else, guess what, you won’t be in business for much longer. There’s no shame in rethinking things over and starting afresh. Listen to your environment and you’ll find a way.”
  • Turn on the auto pilot mode as much as possible! “Every big major success will know what you mean by ‘a groove’ or a ‘the zone’. There’s a kind of auto pilot that you can turn on once you get into a good state of things. There’s times when precise thinking is needed, but if you can stay in that zone or whatever you want to call it, you can get into that place where everything is coming together almost by itself and it’s so magical you become afraid to stop. That’s a very good thing, a very good place to be. STAY THERE!”

Thank you sir for sharing those amazing six tips with us! They sure mean a lot to me and I hope my blog readers learned something. Winnipeg Towing is a remarkable phenomenon that all entrepreneurs should study. These six rules above can work for any business, not just a towing company and I’ll definitely be making a note to apply these in my life.

Thank you for coming back and reading. It’s that special time of year so before you go I just want to wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I hope 2019 is more successful for you than all your previous years combined.

Much love, Sarah



How to Lead a Team the Right Way (Not Dispirit Them)

how to lead a team the right way

Context may call for different strategies of getting a team to do what you want them to do. In war you could remind them of the beauty of the nation they’re fighting to protect. In construction you can promise beer and pizza after a long day. In sports you can remind the team of the big winner’s trophy. Here, however, we’ll be talking more specifically about a team working toward business success.

Bad leaders are quick to anger, and the way they lash out at people for making mistakes only makes things worse by dispiriting them. A good leader knows everyone makes mistakes, and they’ll calmly talk about better ways to do things, which reassures the mistake-maker and keeps their spirits high. Anger should never be used to lead a team. Keeping composure and staying calm during difficulty will reflect in the attitude of the people you’re leading. They’ll look to you as an example, so if you get cross over small matters, they might start to do so, too.

If you have a team and you’re working toward a goal, make sure you’ve clearly defined what that goal is to them. You might want to get them to relay exactly what that goal is in their own words just to make sure they really understand what you’re striving for. For example, your goal could be to make a million dollars by the end of the year so that you can open a new location next year. So your goal is actually opening a new location, but some members of your team might simply say, “The boss just wants to make a bunch of money.” You want to make sure they can see the new location in their minds. Don’t keep your true goal a secret from them unless you want to have a more difficult time of getting their. If you can’t trust your team to know your intentions, then perhaps you have the wrong team. Either that or they have the wrong leader.

A bad mistake to make when trying to inspire a team is to think that everyone gets inspired the same way. It’s important to get to know each member personally so you can know how they get inspired. Some people look forward to a long career as they’re trying to impress their family. Others simply look forward to a raise every year. Find out what your members want, and give it to them in pieces to keep them inspired. To deny what one member wants by giving to everyone what another member wants will only inspire one member, not all of them.

There is more advice for good leadership out there on the internet; this was just a broad start. If you want to learn more, think of picking up a book on leadership. Read Caesar’s campaign against the Gauls and learn from the champions. If you’ve had enough reading for now, here’s a helpful video. Thanks for reading! Come back soon!



Welcome to my Journey: What to Expect in the Near Future


What can you expect here on my blog?

You can expect:

  1. Advice on how to manage other people
  2. Tips on building a successful, hardworking team
  3. Talks on the importance of hiring the right people
  4. Occasional funny stories and news

If there’s one thing you should know about me that isn’t on my About Me page, it’s that I love to use nature, specifically flowers and trees, as analogies for explaining management skills. For example I believe every new company can be compared to a baby sunflower. A flower can’t just grow anywhere. It needs proper sunlight and nutrition. Likewise a new company or organization needs the right components to flourish, and once everything is in place your left with something spectacular and beautiful to show the world, and the best part of that is you’ll also get fruit, in this case sunflower seeds, to pick and eat metaphorically!

So welcome and stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting!

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